Gold artifacts and Late Bell Beaker from Cova del Gegant: Interaction along the Mediterranean coastline of the Iberian Peninsula during Bronze Age

Daura, Joan; Sanz, Montserrat; Soriano, Ignacio; Pedro, Mireia; Rubioe, Angel; Olivaf, Monica; Francisco Gibaja, Juan; Queralt, Ignasi; Alvarezi, Ramon; Javier Lopez-Cachero, F.

VL / 74 - BP / 149 - EP / 167
This paper presents archaeological layer XXV from Cova del Gegant (Sitges, Barcelona), ascribed to Bronze Age, and focuses on this period's chronological issues. Cova del Gegant yielded Late Bell Beaker pottery featuring a decorative style akin to the "Northeastern Group" (generally ascribed to Early Bronze Age), human remains associated with a collective burial (radiocarbon dated to Middle Bronze Age), amber and/or resin ornaments, and two gold artifacts (very scarce in the NE of Iberian Peninsula). The archaeological artifacts and radiocarbon dating range provide important data concerning the exchange networks and movements along the Mediterranean coastline during Bronze Age.

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