Gold-Triggered Uncaging Chemistry in Living Systems

Perez-Lopez, Ana M.; Rubio-Ruiz, Belen; Sebastian, Victor; Hamilton, Lloyd; Adam, Catherine; Bray, Thomas L.; Irusta, Silvia; Brennan, Paul M.; Lloyd-Jones, Guy C.; Sieger, Dirk; Santamaria, Jesus; Unciti-Broceta, Asier

VL / 56 - BP / 12548 - EP / 12552
Recent advances in bioorthogonal catalysis are increasing the capacity of researchers to manipulate the fate of molecules in complex biological systems. A bioorthogonal uncaging strategy is presented, which is triggered by heterogeneous gold catalysis and facilitates the activation of a structurally diverse range of therapeutics in cancer cell culture. Furthermore, this solid-supported catalytic system enabled locally controlled release of a fluorescent dye into the brain of a zebrafish for the first time, offering a novel way to modulate the activity of bioorthogonal reagents in the most fragile and complex organs.
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Green published, Hybrid