Chemical Engineering of Photoactivity in Heterometallic Titanium-Organic Frameworks by Metal Doping

Castells-Gil, Javier; Padial, Natalia M.; Almora-Barrios, Neyvis; Albero, Josep; Ruiz-Salvador, A. Rabdel; Gonzalez-Platas, Javier; Garcia, Hermenegildo; Marti-Gastaldo, Carlos

VL / 57 - BP / 8453 - EP / 8457
We report a new family of titanium-organic frameworks that enlarges the limited number of crystalline, porous materials available for this metal. They are chemically robust and can be prepared as single crystals at multi-gram scale from multiple precursors. Their heterometallic structure enables engineering of their photoactivity by metal doping rather than by linker functionalization. Compared to other methodologies based on the post-synthetic metallation of MOFs, our approach is well-fitted for controlling the positioning of dopants at an atomic level to gain more precise control over the band-gap and electronic properties of the porous solid. Changes in the band-gap are also rationalized with computational modelling and experimentally confirmed by photocatalytic H-2 production.

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Green published, Green submitted