Skin color-specific and spectrally-selective naked-eye dosimetry of UVA, B and C radiations

Zou, Wenyue; Gonzalez, Ana; Jampaiah, Deshetti; Ramanathan, Rajesh; Taha, Mohammad; Walia, Sumeet; Sriram, Sharath; Bhaskaran, Madhu; Dominguez-Vera, Jose M.; Bansal, Vipul

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Spectrally-selective monitoring of ultraviolet radiations (UVR) is of paramount importance across diverse fields, including effective monitoring of excessive solar exposure. Current UV sensors cannot differentiate between UVA, B, and C, each of which has a remarkably different impact on human health. Here we show spectrally selective colorimetric monitoring of UVR by developing a photoelectrochromic ink that consists of a multi-redox polyoxometalate and an e(-) donor. We combine this ink with simple components such as filter paper and transparency sheets to fabricate low-cost sensors that provide naked-eye monitoring of UVR, even at low doses typically encountered during solar exposure. Importantly, the diverse UV tolerance of different skin colors demands personalized sensors. In this spirit, we demonstrate the customized design of robust real-time solar UV dosimeters to meet the specific need of different skin phototypes. These spectrally-selective UV sensors offer remarkable potential in managing the impact of UVR in our day-to-day life.
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