Technology for teaching and learning foreign languages: a literature review

Trujillo Saez, Fernando; Salvadores Merino, Carlos; Gabarron Perez, Angel

VL / 22 - BP / 153 - EP / 169
Immersed in this age of technological revolution, technologies and their good use and consumption as well as the capacity to communicate in one or several second languages contribute to the connection of the inhabitants of this globalized world: our communicative spaces have grown exponentially and this requires adequate training. This article analyzes the relationship between technology and teaching and learning languages from a historical and critical perspective. The appearance of different technologies in the domain of language teaching and learning is analyzed, as well as its effectiveness in the process of language learning, resulting in series of cycles of technological innovation, enthusiasm in relation to its possibilities, scarcity of outcome evidences and a call for caution about the impact of technology in itself. As a conclusion, a state of positive but judicious alertness towards the constant appearance of technologies which afford new opportunities of memorable learning is reasonably advised.

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Gold, Green submitted