A Longitudinal Cross-product Analysis of Media-budget Allocations: How Economic and Technological Disruptions Affected Media Choices Across Industries

Del Barrio-Garcia, Salvador; Kamakura, Wagner A.; Luque-Martinez, Teodoro

VL / 45 - BP / 1 - EP / 15
The advertising literature and communications literature offer many (sometimes conflicting) media recommendations for the different types of products and services. We attempt to consolidate these media recommendations into a unifying theory-based framework, and utilize longitudinal media-budget data for 143 products/services in a major media market (Spain) to verify whether advertisers have conformed to the prescriptions derived from this framework. We also use this long cross-product history of media-budget allocations to study how advertisers reacted to economic (the Great Recession of 2008) and technological (the emergence of the Internet as an advertising medium) shifts in their media allocations. (C) 2018 Direct Marketing Educational Foundation, Inc. dba Marketing EDGE. All rights reserved.

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