A resistance-sensing mechanical injector for the precise delivery of liquids to target tissue

Chitnis, Girish D.; Verma, Mohan K. S.; Lamazouade, Julien; Gonzalez-Andrades, Miguel; Dergham, Ali; Jones, Peter Anthony; Mead, Benjamin E.; Cruzat, Andrea; Tong, Zhixiang; Martyn, Keir; Solanki, Aniruddh; Landon-Brace, Natalie; Karp, Jeffrey M.

VL / 3 - BP / 621 - EP / 631
The precision of the delivery of therapeutics to the desired injection site by syringes and hollow needles typically depends on the operator. Here, we introduce a highly sensitive, completely mechanical and cost-effective injector for targeting tissue reliably and precisely. As the operator pushes the syringe plunger, the injector senses the loss-of-resistance on encountering a softer tissue or a cavity, stops advancing the needle and delivers the payload. We demonstrate that the injector can reliably deliver liquids to the suprachoroidal space-a challenging injection site that provides access to the back of the eye-for a wide range of eye sizes, scleral thicknesses and intraocular pressures, and target sites relevant for epidural injections, subcutaneous injections and intraperitoneal access. The design of this simple and effective injector can be adapted for a broad variety of clinical applications.
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