Pleiotropic Biological Effects of Dietary Phenolic Compounds and their Metabolites on Energy Metabolism, Inflammation and Aging

del Carmen Villegas-Aguilar, Maria; Fernandez-Ochoa, Alvaro; De La Luz Cadiz-Gurrea, Maria; Pimentel-Moral, Sandra; Lozano-Sanchez, Jesus; Arraez-Roman, David; Segura-Carretero, Antonio

Publicación: MOLECULES
VL / 25 - BP / - EP /
Dietary phenolic compounds are considered as bioactive compounds that have effects in different chronic disorders related to oxidative stress, inflammation process, or aging. These compounds, coming from a wide range of natural sources, have shown a pleiotropic behavior on key proteins that act as regulators. In this sense, this review aims to compile information on the effect exerted by the phenolic compounds and their metabolites on the main metabolic pathways involved in energy metabolism, inflammatory response, aging and their relationship with the biological properties reported in high prevalence chronic diseases. Numerous in vitro and in vivo studies have demonstrated their pleiotropic molecular mechanisms of action and these findings raise the possibility that phenolic compounds have a wide variety of roles in different targets.

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