Implementation of UV rotational Raman channel to improve aerosol retrievals from multiwavelength lidar

Ortiz-Amezcua, Pablo; Esteban Bedoya-Velasquez, Andres; Antonio Benavent-Oltra, Jose; Perez-Ramirez, Daniel; Veselovskii, Igor; Castro-Santiago, Mario; Bravo-Aranda, Juan Antonio; Guedes, Anderson; Guerrero-Rascado, Juan Luis; Alados-Arboledas, Lucas

VL / 28 - BP / 8156 - EP / 8168
Vibrational Raman effect is widely used in atmospheric lidar systems, but rotational Raman present several advantages. We have implemented a new setup in the ultraviolet branch of an existing multiwavelength lidar system to collect signal from rotational Raman lines of Oxygen and Nitrogen. We showed that, with an appropriate filter wavelength selection, the systematic error introduced in the particle optical properties due to temperature dependence was less than 4%. With this new setup, we have been able to retrieve aerosol extinction and backscatter coefficients profiles at 355 nm with 1-h time resolution during daytime and up to 1-min time resolution during nighttime. (C) 2020 Optical Society of America under the terms of the OSA Open Access Publishing Agreement
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