Detection and Analysis of Anomalies in People Density and Mobility Through Wireless Smartphone Tracking

Fernandez-Ares, A.; Garcia-Sanchez, P.; Arenas, M. G.; Mora, A. M.; Castillo-Valdivieso, P. A.

Publicación: IEEE ACCESS
VL / 8 - BP / 54237 - EP / 54253
One of the challenges of this century is to use the data that a smart-city provides to make life easier for its inhabitants. Specifically, within the area of urban mobility, the possibility of detecting anomalies in the movement of pedestrians and vehicles is an issue of vital importance for the planning and administration of a city. The aim of this paper is to propose a methodology to detect the movement of people from the information transmitted by their smart mobile devices, analyze these data, and be able to detect or recognize anomalies in their behavior. In order to validate this methodology, different experiments have been carried out based on real data aiming to extract knowledge, as well as obtaining a characterisation of the anomalies detected. The use of this methodology might help the city policy makers to better manage their mobility and transport resources.

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Gold, Green submitted