DREIMT: a drug repositioning database and prioritization tool for immunomodulation

Troule, Kevin; Lopez-Fernandez, Hugo; Garcia-Martin, Santiago; Reboiro-Jato, Miguel; Carretero-Puche, Carlos; Martorell-Marugan, Jordi; Martin-Serrano, Guillermo; Carmona-Saez, Pedro; Glez-Pena, Daniel; Al-Shahrour, Fatima; Gomez-Lopez, Gonzalo

VL / 37 - BP / 578 - EP / 579
Motivation: Drug immunomodulation modifies the response of the immune system and can be therapeutically exploited in pathologies such as cancer and autoimmune diseases. Results: DREIMT is a new hypothesis-generation web tool, which performs drug prioritization analysis for immunomodulation. DREIMT provides significant immunomodulatory drugs targeting up to 70 immune cells subtypes through a curated database that integrates 4960 drug profiles and similar to 2600 immune gene expression signatures. The tool also suggests potential immunomodulatory drugs targeting user-supplied gene expression signatures. Final output includes drug-signature association scores, FDRs and downloadable plots and results tables.

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