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Article Gas and dust cooling along the major axis of M 33 (HerM33es) Herschel/PACS [C-II] and [O-I] observations Kramer, Carsten; Nikola, Thomas; Anderl, Sibylle; Bertoldi, Frank; Boquien, Mederic; Braine, Jonathan; Buchbender, Christof; Combes, Francoise; Henkel, Christian; Hermelo, Israel; Israel, Frank; Relano, Monica; Rollig, Markus; Schuster, Karl; Tabatabaei, F ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 0004-6361 (2020) DOI / 10.1051/0004-6361/201936754 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL / Hybrid, Green submitted
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Article Spatially resolving the dust properties and submillimetre excess in M 33 Relano, M.; De Looze, I.; Kennicutt, R. C.; Lisenfeld, U.; Dariush, A.; Verley, S.; Braine, J.; Tabatabaei, F.; Kramer, C.; Boquien, M.; Xilouris, M.; Gratier, P. ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 0004-6361 (2018) DOI / 10.1051/0004-6361/201732347 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL / Bronze
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