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Article ALMA resolves giant molecular clouds in a tidal dwarf galaxy Querejeta, M.; Lelli, F.; Schinnerer, E.; Colombo, D.; Lisenfeld, U.; Mundell, C. G.; Bigiel, F.; Garcia-Burillo, S.; Herrera, C. N.; Hughes, A.; Kruijssen, J. M. D.; Meidt, S. E.; Moore, T. J. T.; Pety, J.; Rigby, A. J. ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 0004-6361 (2021) DOI / 10.1051/0004-6361/202038955 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL / Bronze, Green submitted, Green accepted
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Article Powerful H-2 Line Cooling in Stephan's Quintet. II. Group-wide Gas and Shock Modeling of the Warm H2 and a Comparison with [C II] 157.7 mu m Emission and Kinematics Appleton, P. N.; Guillard, P.; Togi, A.; Alatalo, K.; Boulanger, F.; Cluver, M.; Des Forets, G. Pineau; Lisenfeld, U.; Ogle, P.; Xu, C. K. ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 0004-637X (2017) DOI / 10.3847/1538-4357/836/1/76 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL / Green published, Green accepted
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