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Article Gene pathways associated with mitochondrial function, oxidative stress and telomere length are differentially expressed in the liver of rats fed lifelong on virgin olive, sunflower or fish oils Varela-Lopez, Alfonso; Patricia Perez-Lopez, Maria; Luis Ramirez-Tortosa, Cesar; Battino, Maurizio; Granados-Principal, Sergio; del Carmen Ramirez-Tortosa, Maria; Jose Ochoa, Julio; Vera-Ramirez, Laura; Giampieri, Francesca; Luis Quiles, Jose JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY 0955-2863 (2018) DOI / 10.1016/j.jnutbio.2017.09.007 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL /
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Article Age-Related Loss in Bone Mineral Density of Rats Fed Lifelong on a Fish Oil-Based Diet Is Avoided by Coenzyme Q(10) Addition Varela-Lopez, Alfonso; Ochoa, Julio J.; Llamas-Elvira, Jose M.; Lopez-Frias, Magdalena; Planells, Elena; Ramirez-Tortosa, MCarmen; Ramirez-Tortosa, Cesar L.; Giampieri, Francesca; Battino, Maurizio; Quiles, Jose L. NUTRIENTS (2017) DOI / 10.3390/nu9020176 OPEN ACCESS LEVEL / Gold DOAJ, Green published
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